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Steel Orchestras that have impacted the various musical competitions.

Players, who have their career in the spotlight,
performing either with their own bands or as soloists in other bands.

Arranger, Composer
Artists, whose arrangements/compositions have impacted the steelband movement
in the various competitions, had an impact on the evolution of the steelband movement
and inspired the steelbands.

Leaders, Producers, Steelband Historians, Disc Jockeys, Journalists and other industry professionals
who have had a major influence on the development of the steelband movement.

Panorama tune of choice
Since Panorama is the supreme vehicle for the steelbands of Trinbago,
a panorama tune(s) of choice each year will be included in TISHOF.

International Panist
Since the steelpan is now an international instrument TISHOF will include an international panist(s)
who has demonstrated his/her skills on the steelpan through recordings.



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