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2017 Content
May 05 Pantrinbago in the 21st century
February 19 Mirror, mirror on the wall which is the greatest Steelband of them all?
February 28 Panyard Stories
1. The Pan Arranger
2. The Pan Tuner
3. The Panist
4. The Panyard
April 3 Panorama Pool Party
March 5 Planassing the Carnival
March 28 Pan: The hunt is on Mr. Director, run the clip
April 6 It's showtime and not one word
March 15 Palancing the Carnival
July 2 Rising to a New Artistic Relationship
March 18 Sketches of Steel
September 1 City Syncopators Steel Orchestra
September 9 The Death of Steelbands and Life of the Steelpan
September 29 Letter to Steelbands and Pan Trinbago
October 20 What World Body?
November 10 My letter to Keith Diaz
January 18 Panorama: The National Festival of Trinbago
March 3 The Pan In Me
April 23 The Panman (.pdf, 40 pages)
October 22 When The Streets Belonged To Us
February 1 Race, Class & The Steelband Movement
March 29 Home For The Carnival
August 9 Toronto, Toronto
September 8 Please Officer, Understand We Carnival
September 25 Hearts of Steel
May 1 The Last Panorama
July 20 Forever Young On Nelson Street

September 9

Panorama in Brooklyn without Master Clive Bradley

October 23

Style, Sensibility & Prejudice

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